Who are we, what do we do and where are we going?

Agarwood Eco Capital are a company dedicated to producing the world’s best quality sustainable agarwood using permaculture principles.  We are a Thailand-based Agarwood plantation management company that gives you an opportunity to invest in this lucrative and sustainable commodity. The company is centered on building a robust and reliable supply chain from seedlings to the final product while giving back to the local community. 

While Agarwood Eco Capital is based in Thailand, it is present in
other countries of Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Bangladesh, and

Agarwood Eco Capital’s first project on 21 Rai of land in Thailand is a
fully compliant eco-friendly initiative. The company has finalized an
agreement on leasing 60 Rai of land in Chon Buri in May 2023. We are
in advanced discussions to plant a total of 80,000 trees across Thailand,
Malaysia, and Bangladesh by the end of 2023 and 200,000 trees
by the end of 2024 with additional plantations in South East Asia that
are at various stages of progress.

The company works closely with the Ouddict Artisanal Oud Community,
which was founded to promote transparency and accurate information
about Agarwood and natural perfumery products. It also promotes
ethical conduct within the Agarwood industry through various initiatives.
Last but not least, the founders of the Agarwood Eco Capital have
been in the Agarwood industry since the late ’90s and have a global
network of contacts.

Quick facts about Agarwood Eco Capital:
✓ Present in four major countries in Southeast Asia
✓ More than two decades of industry experience
✓ First fully compliant eco-friendly permaculture project on 21 Rai of land in Thailand.



Growing premium Agarwood through permaculture, ensuring environmental harmony, community empowerment, and industry-leading excellence.


Our vision is to produce quality sustainable Agarwood and help address the gap between quality and value in the global Agarwood market in the long term.


Valuing sustainability, community, and excellence in cultivating premium Agarwood through ethical permaculture practices.