1. What species of tree are you planting? 

We are planting a subspecies of the Aquilaria Crassna tree that belongs to the Thymelaeaceae family. It is critically endangered and native to Southeast Asia.


2. Will I know which exact trees I own on the plantation?

Upon reviewing the arrangement of selling specific trees, it became apparent that this would pose several issues, including exposing the buyer to an unacceptable level of risk if their tree does not produce the promised amount of resin (albeit in a small number of cases).  There also might be a potential variance in the quality of Oud made (notwithstanding the logistical difficulties of distilling a single tree for an investing partner, for example).  For these reasons, Agarwood Eco Capital will define the return as a purchase of Tree Shares to ensure that the investing partner will receive a guaranteed product of specified quality and quantity.  Each Tree Share costs $250 and can be redeemed for $750 at the end of the maturity period.

On average, each tree produces 25kg of wood worth $750 which can be distilled to produce three tolas of Oud worth $750.  As the value of a single specific tree is uncertain, Agarwood Eco Capital will guarantee the return you will receive and the return is expressed in definite terms of three tolas of Oud oil and/or 25kg of agarwood per investment tree share that is equivalent to a single average tree. A tola is an Indian weight measure defined as 11.70g when converted into the metric system.

Upon completion of payment for this offer, you can specify the following options to be included in your contract, either:

  1. Take possession of 25kg of agarwood x Number of Tree Shares or
  2. Take possession of three tolas of Oud oil x Number of Tree Shares or
  3. Take possession of 1kg of select agarwood and two tolas of Oud oil or
  4. Sell your tree share/s for $750 each and receive your money from Agarwood Eco Capital.


3. When will the trees be ready for harvest and when will I see my returns or agarwood and oil (depending on your choice)?

The trees will be harvested when they are seven years old.  Please check your agreement for the exact date for when your Tree Shares will mature and be redeemable.


4. How will I be updated on the growth of the trees?

We will update all our partners on Agarwood Eco Capital news and events periodically via our newsletter, which is distributed via email.  The Ouddict Artisanal Oud Community will create an information and progress section for Agarwood Eco Capital that will provide information about the plantation and the progress regularly.  You will also have the chance to ask questions in this section directly.


5. What if my trees produce a substandard amount of resin?

As you are purchasing tree shares in return for a specified quantity and quality of agarwood chips and/or oud oil, this is not a risk you will be exposed to.


6. Who is behind Agarwood Eco Capital?

Established and well-known organisations such as Ouddict and Al Hashimi support this offer.  Nadeem Khan, our Co-Founder and the Founder of Ouddict Artisanal Oud Community, is part of the UK Leadership Team of the UK Chapter of the Global Islamic Chamber of Trade and Commerce (GICTC) (https://globalictc.com).  Our two other Co-Founders, Sam Peebles and Som Ouy are also distinguished professionals in their fields, with Som Ouy hailing from a leading family in Thailand.

1. Do you have legal documentation related to the plantation in Chon Buri? 

Yes, we have a 15-year lease on the land with a capacity for 10,000 trees.  The land can hold up to 20,000 trees, but due to our permaculture approach, the presence of other tree species like banana and mango reduces the number of agarwood trees per acre capacity. We have options on a second piece of land that we will exercise in 2024 to continue planting more trees.  We can provide a copy of the lease agreement (in Thai) upon request.


2. Where is Agarwood Eco Capital incorporated?

Our trading name is Agarwood Eco Capital.  Our Thai operations were incorporated under Agarwood Asia in 2020 and in the UK in January 2023. We were incorporated as Agarwood Eco Capital in Hong Kong in 2022 and will be incorporated in Dubai in Q1 2024.


3. Can I see the documentation related to your company incorporation? 

Of course.  We are happy to provide copies of this documentation upon request, but a word of warning: the Thai certificate of incorporation is written in Thai!


4. How will you protect my personal data?

We are working towards compliance with GDPR, the world’s strictest data privacy regulation.  You can read more about this in our Privacy Statement published on our website here.

1. Is this an investment?

This a purchase of agarwood Tree Shares that Agarwood Eco Capital currently owns and facilitates your partnership in a plantation through this ownership.  We will manage the trees for you, and you can either sell your Tree Shares after they are harvested or take the actual agarwood and oil they yield.  Agarwood Eco Capital will manage the entire process, from managing and growing the trees to harvesting, processing/distilling, and selling them.


2. How do I make take advantage of this time-limited offer?

You must pay a deposit to purchase one Tree Share and let us know how many more Tree Shares you would like to purchase in total. The way the offer works for this month is that if you want to make a purchase, you place a non-refundable deposit of $250 to secure you one Tree Share. We will send you a pre-contract to acknowledge receipt of the deposit and the instalment schedule of either 2 or 3 instalments payable monthly, depending on when you wish to start the instalment payments. The first instalment must be paid anytime between the deposit payment and the 29th of February at the latest.

This offer is limited in the number of Tree Shares we can sell as the return period of 5.5 years is linked to the number of 18-month-old trees we have in the ground. Once they are sold out, the offer might even end before the 29th February so the sooner you place a deposit and secure whatever number of Tree Shares you are after, the better. The Grandfathered offer is available afterwards, as the returns for that offer are seven years. So tree availability is not an issue - although everything else, including claiming free Al Hashimi Artisanal Oud, remains the same as the Exclusive Ouddict Offer for purchases beyond 29th February 2024. This 5.5-year return offer is even more limited since we are not selling every single tree we have, as we need to ensure a healthy surplus to manage any potential risk.


3. Will I have to cover the fees and currency conversion costs when purchasing the trees?

The trees are priced in USD ($), and we will bear the costs of any bank transfer fees when you pay for the trees.


4. Can I contact someone at Agarwood Eco Capital plantation should I have any emergency-type questions?

We have a Plantation Manager, although we still need to designate a point of contact for partners who purchase trees.  We will designate a local point of contact for our investing partners in January next year and provide details.


5. Can I pay in instalments?

We can accept payments of $1000 and over in two- or three-monthly instalments.  The payment term between AEC and you will commence upon completion of the instalment payments.


6. Who will pay for shipping costs for my products?

The investing partner will take constructive ownership of the goods after their agarwood and/or oud oil are harvested and will be responsible for shipping fees as the package will be shipped as FOB (Freight on Board).


7. What is the harvesting fee?

A flat fee is charged to cover our costs of harvesting, processing and distilling the trees that go into producing agarwood chips and oud oil.  For example, purchasing 25 tree shares for $6250 will yield a gross return of $18,375, minus a harvesting and processing fee of $3675 to give a net return of $14,700.  Our returns calculator, found at www.agarwoodecocapital.com/landingpage, displays the net return of $14,700 for a 25-tree share purchase for complete transparency.