Exclusive and Limited Ouddict Offer

Exclusive and Limited Ouddict Offer

This is a unique and incredible invitation to be part of something amazing.  As the founder of the Ouddict Artisanal Oud Community, I have been at the nexus of the online agarwood world for well over seven years.  In that time, I have been approached by countless companies, organizations, and individuals and built up an unrivalled agarwood industry network.  The synergy created by the intersection of these links and contacts has enabled me to create an insane offer that I doubt anyone else can match. 


The Ouddict Artisanal Oud Community is a special place. It has welcomed all those passionate about oud and connected them with Artisans in an unprecedented manner to create a close-knit group. The characteristics that stand out in this community are honesty, openness, and generosity, which I have not witnessed elsewhere.  There is a lack of pretension and a sincere and genuine pleasure in facilitating good for others. 


This offer was made in the spirit of the generosity of this community, and I feel a sincere delight in being able to invite you to join me in my journey to make agarwood history while being rewarded handsomely with free Artisanal Oud oil from Al Hashimi and a healthy monetary return on top.


We have invested significant funds in 2023 (over $40,000) to build a YouTube Sales and Marketing Funnel with the help of Adclients, who are a leading digital marketing agency based in the UK. This campaign will launch in January 2024 and run throughout the year and will present our standard offering. 

The standard offer is an excellent offer, but the Exclusive Ouddict Offer is a genuinely time-limited offer that has a cap on how many Tree Shares we can sell.  Everything is on a first-come, first-serve basis and we have around 100 people who have registered their interest.  Given that Al Hashimi has set aside between $100,000 worth of Artisanal Oud to give away under the offer, it would only take an average investment of $1000 per person to end the Exclusive Ouddict Offer. 

If you are interested, I would not delay and contact me immediately with a holding deposit of $250 today to secure your place as a Founding Partner.  


What is the Difference Between our Standard Offer and the Exclusive and Limited Ouddict Offer?

If you still want to know more, then read on, and the Webinar recording just for a reminder of just how truly insane this offer is.

If you are not part of the Ouddict Artisanal Oud Community but have still received this communication, then you are probably one of a handful of lucky Al Hashimi customers who we have also reached out to.

What is the difference between the Standard Agarwood Eco Capital Offer that will be rolled out from 1st February 2024 worldwide and the Exclusive Ouddict Offer designed just for members of the Ouddict Artisanal Oud Community?  Take a look at the comparison table below.

Who and what is a Founding Partner?

A Founding Partner is someone who has taken advantage of this limited Exclusive Ouddict Offer that will end on 31st January 2024. 


You must make your purchase by this date to quality (those paying via instalments are included as Founding Partners even if their instalment payment schedule goes past the 31st of January).  Founding Partners will benefit from having the Exclusive Ouddict Offer grandfathered and will also receive preferential offers from Agarwood Eco Capital through the lifetime of their Tree Share ownership.


What do you mean by a Grandfathered Offer?

This is the most insane part of the deal.  It means that a Founding Partner will be able to make unlimited investments on the same terms as this Exclusive Ouddict Offer after the 31st of January with one sole exception, that the term will revert to the standard 7-year period as we will have sold out of 18-month-old Tree Shares by then.  For example, if you make an investment pledge of $2000 by paying the $250 deposit, then you will be able to purchase more Tree Shares after the 31st of January 2024 to add to your initial purchase before this date and also receive a $1 of oud oil from Al Hashimi. 


Most of you spend money on Oud every year so why not take advantage and have the oud oils that you currently pay $$$ for handed to you for FREE over the lifetime of your Tree Share ownership instead of paying for them and get some Tree Shares that will return more money.  Crazy right?!  The Al Hashimi Artisanal Oud that will be part of this offer will be selected from publicly available products on our site to guarantee that you will get the same Al Hashimi Artisanal Oud that other customers pay cash for.


Why is this called the $4000+ Free Artisanal Oud Offer when it is not actually $4000?  Is this just clickbait?

No, it is not clickbait or an unsavoury attempt to garner interest.  The original offer sent out on Ouddict was based on the minimum investment of 25 Tree Shares for $6250 that is part of our standard offer.  For that minimum investment of $6250, you would have received $4000 worth of Al Hashimi Artisanal Oud.


In the spirit of the open and sharing philosophy of the Ouddict Artisanal Community and as a gesture of thanks to our members, we decided to make the offer available to as many members as possible.  We did this by reducing the minimum investment to a single Tree Share for $250 and decided to give away the same amount of Al Hashimi Artisanal Oud as spent purchasing a Tree Share.  So, if you purchase four Tree Shares for $1000, or if you purchase 40 Tree Shares for $10,000 you will receive $10,000 worth of Al Hashimi Artisanal Oud.  We have actually improved the offer for everyone!


Our Business Model

Why do we have the edge over competitors such as Plantation International, a multinational multimillion-dollar business, and why can’t they offer something similar to our Exclusive Ouddict Offer?   This is down to several unique factors that are incredibly hard to replicate.


  • Focus on Agarwood: The Agarwood Eco Capital founders have decades of agarwood industry experience and a genuine passion for this miracle of nature. Our sole focus is agarwood.
  • The Vision: Agarwood Eco Capital will lead a charge over the next decade to make agarwood and its derivative products mainstream. For reasons related to sustainability, a lack of innovation, unstable supply and quality, agarwood is not currently considered as a mainstream luxury and “super” ingredient in a wide range of products from beauty and cosmetics to health and even to applications that have not yet been considered. Even considering existing applications and usage, the global demand for agarwood is soaring, and Agarwood Eco Capital and our investment partners like you, to industry associates, will reap the rewards.

This means that we stand to benefit from our role as pioneers and innovators as the first to create an entirely new market generally dominates market share.  We will not wait seven years either and will enter the market in 2024 to start making this vision a reality with our qualified team.


  • E2E (End-to-End) Supply Chain: We have a unique plan to maximize the ROI (return on investment) by controlling and managing the supply chain with our supply-chain partners, including major Western brands.  We have built these relationships over the past 4 years and will continue to do so.

In layman’s terms, we can sell our agarwood oil, wood, and derivative products at the highest price possible, maximizing our (and your) returns.


  • Industry Presence. Thanks to our relationship with the Ouddict Artisanal Oud Community, we can play a visible and increasingly prominent role in initiatives that positively contribute to a currently immature agarwood industry.   These initiatives include supporting the formation of a GCMS reference library across the different sub-species of the Aquilaria tree, establishing objective benchmarks for quality, and much more.  

This involvement will position Agarwood Eco Capital as an industry pioneer over the next decade and a pillar upon which to build success.